The Essential Guide to Commercial Cleaning Supplies for Restaurant Kitchens

A sparkling clean restaurant kitchen is not just about maintaining appearances; it's a fundamental requirement for maintaining hygiene, ensuring food safety, and providing a safe working environment for staff. With the myriad of cleaning tasks needed to keep a commercial kitchen up to standard, choosing the right types of cleaning supplies is paramount.


Degreasers are the heavy hitters when it comes to tackling the grease and grime that build up in commercial kitchens. These powerful solutions cut through the toughest grease, making them ideal for cleaning hoods, grills, fryers, and countertops. Look for a commercial-grade degreaser that is safe for use on your kitchen’s specific surfaces.


Disinfectants play a crucial role in a kitchen, where food is prepared, and cross-contamination can easily occur. They help eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from surfaces that come into contact with food, hands, and equipment. It's important to use a food-safe disinfectant and follow the correct dilution ratios and contact times to ensure effective sanitisation.

Dishwashing Detergents

Dishwashing detergents are designed to be tough on food residue while gentle on dishes and cookware. Whether for a high-speed dishwasher or for manual washing, selecting the right detergent can prevent soapy residue and ensure dishes are thoroughly clean and ready for use.

Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaners

Glass and multi-surface cleaners keep windows, mirrors, and other surfaces sparkling. These cleaners are typically formulated to prevent streaking and leave surfaces shining. Ensuring that surfaces where food isn’t prepared are also clean contributes to the overall hygiene and aesthetic of your kitchen.

Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners are essential for maintaining cleanliness and safety in a kitchen. They need to be powerful enough to clean tough stains but safe for use on your kitchen’s flooring material. Anti-slip formulas are also beneficial in preventing accidents in a busy kitchen environment.

Hand Hygiene Products

Maintaining hand hygiene is critical in a kitchen environment to prevent the spread of germs. Provide hand soaps that are effective against common kitchen bacteria and hand sanitisers for additional germ protection. Look for products that are gentle on the skin, especially since kitchen staff will be washing their hands frequently.

Specialty Cleaners

Some areas of a kitchen may have specific cleaning needs and require specialty cleaners. For example, stainless steel cleaners can keep appliances and surfaces looking their best, while lime scale removers are crucial for areas with hard water. These products should be readily available for quick and efficient cleaning.

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