Two benefits of choosing a wedding venue that has its own restaurant

Here are two benefits of choosing a wedding venue that has its own restaurant.

You won't have to rent dining tables and chairs

One significant perk that you'll enjoy if you select a wedding venue with this feature is that you won't have to rent any dining tables or chairs for the wedding reception meal, as you would need to if, for example, you were hosting the meal at a rustic barn or outdoors, at a beach or park.

This could save you a substantial amount of money, in the form of furniture rental fees and furniture transportation. Even more importantly, it will leave you or your wedding planner with fewer tasks to deal with the day before and on the day of the wedding, as you won't need to carry the furniture into the venue, and then arrange the tables and chairs. Instead, all you'll need to do is add decorations to the existing furniture at the venue's restaurant. Given how many tasks, both big and small, you'll have to do as the wedding approaches, this could be very helpful.

Finally, dining at a restaurant that already has the furniture you'll need will also reduce the chances of furniture-related issues cropping up. For example, you won't need to worry about some of the chairs or tables' legs getting broken while they're in transit, which could happen if you rent these items and have them delivered to the venue. This is worth noting, as an incident like this could leave you with fewer pieces of furniture than you need on the day for your guests.

The cost of the wedding reception meal is likely to be smaller

The other huge perk of having your wedding at a venue that has its own restaurant is that the bill for your wedding reception meal will probably be significantly smaller. The reason for this is that if you hire your own caterer for the wedding, they'll be able to use the restaurant kitchen's existing cooking equipment, instead of having to bring their own equipment. This will mean the caterer will not have to spend their time lugging their own portable cooking and serving equipment to the venue. They might then be able to pass the savings they make onto you.

Alternatively, you can hire the restaurant's in-house chef to prepare the meal, which could potentially work out to be less expensive than hiring a caterer if you stick with the dinner menu that the restaurant normally serves, instead of having a custom wedding menu drawn up, as you would do if you were working with a caterer.

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