5 Reasons to Order a Buddha Bowl at Your Local Asian Restaurant

Go to your local Asian restaurant, and you'll find a whole host of great options, but one you might not be so familiar with is the buddha bowl. These are great vegetarian meals that are served in a single bowl. They consist of things like veggies, whole grains and plant proteins, and they're becoming increasingly popular.

Here are just five reasons why buddha bowls are great.

1. Wonderful for Your Health

Sometimes it's hard to find a meal that's both tasty and healthy, but buddha bowls have you covered. They use fresh, natural ingredients that can fill up your stomach without filling out your waistline, and the mix of different healthy ingredients can mean you'll end up getting most of your daily minerals and vitamins from just one dish.

2. Perfect Way to Try New Things

Restaurants are the perfect place to try new things. Their menus are usually bursting with items you might not even have heard of before, and you can count on everything being cooked and seasoned to perfection. Of course, you might not want to try something new in case you don't like it and it ends up ruining your whole meal. That won't happen with a buddha bowl because everything is mixed together but easy to separate. You can add something you think you might like, then pick it out if it turns out you're not a fan.

3. Quick and Convenient

If you just want to get something fast, buddha bowls are usually a good option since most of their ingredients don't require cooking. That means restaurants are able to get them out faster than most meals. Better yet, you can easily pack your meal into a to-go bowl if it turns out you need to rush back to work faster than you might have liked.

4. Great to Look At

People like to say the first bite is taken with the eye, and it's certainly nicer to eat something that looks good as well as tastes good. Buddha bowls tick that box perfectly by presenting a diverse selection of veggies, grains and other healthy staples. Different colours and shades merge together to create a feast for the senses. If you like to snap your food for social media before digging in, buddha bowls are a winner.

5. Perfect for Sharing

Finally, keep in mind that buddha bowls are great for sharing. You can always let someone you're eating with have a little bit of this or a little bit of that, and you can even order a couple of different bowls with different ingredients, then mix and match between them.

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