3 Tips for Finding the Best Local Restaurants for Newbie Travelers

One of the reasons why people love to travel is to enjoy and appreciate the different cuisines that various cultures have to offer. Unlike a newbie traveller, an avid traveller knows how to eat like a local. Therefore, if you have organised a vacation to various countries around the world for the first time, you will have a difficult time sampling the local restaurants. The only way you can enjoy local cuisines and delicacies of your destination is to find the right local restaurants. This article highlights tips for finding the best local restaurants.  

Consult Cab Drivers

When on vacation, taxis are considered the best way to move about, especially if you are new to a particular place. The reason is that cab drivers know the routes like the back of their palms, and they will get you anywhere you want to go. Therefore, they are the best people to consult when looking for a local restaurant with the best regional cuisines. The best part is that the cab driver can take you to some of the restaurants that are frequented by both tourists and locals alike. It is a plus because if both locals and tourists enjoy the dishes served by a particular restaurant, it is a clear message that it is the best around town. The next time you are on vacation, ask the cab driver to suggest some of the best local restaurants.

Stay in Neighborhoods 

If your main reason for travelling is to enjoy other people's culture, then you should ditch the beaten path of cookie-cutter chain hotels. You should be willing to get to the neighbourhoods because that is where authentic local restaurants are located — close to locals as well as tourists on foot. Avoid the tourist traps along highways and paved streets and venture into the local neighbourhoods. The best way you can accomplish this is to find accommodation in these very same streets, and this is possible through prior arrangements with some of the locals. By staying in these neighbourhoods, you will have easy access to some of the best local restaurants and delicacies.

Hire a Food Tour Operator

Just as you would hire a tour guide operator to show around a city, you should also hire a food tour operator to show you around the locally owned restaurants. Food tour operators pride themselves in what they do, and they will make sure they take you to restaurants they believe will tell the story of the local culture. Food tour operators know which restaurants serve the best local desserts, main dishes and even beverages. It is best to find and hire a food tour operator early in your vacation because they will provide you with the list of recommended restaurants that you are going to visit.

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