Unique Dinner Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

When you're throwing a dinner party for friends or family, you might want to put some thought into choosing a theme, rather than just having a bland barbecue or serving another boring pot roast. A theme can allow you to serve something interesting for dinner and can enhance the evening so that everyone has a good time and something to talk about when they get home! Consider some unique dinner party themes you might try with your guests so you know they'll love coming to your next party.


Many people don't have time to sit down for a full breakfast, although traditional breakfast meals of pancakes, eggs, bacon and thick toast may be some of their favourites! Indulge your guests with a breakfast theme for your dinner party; serve decaffeinated coffee so no one is up all night, but consider freshly squeezed orange juice, an omelette bar, waffles made to order and a variety of syrup flavours to make your dinner party one they'll really savour.


A nautical dinner party can include a selection of broiled fish, clams, shrimp and any other seafood you put on the menu. Opt for light drinks you expect to find in the tropics, such as margaritas or an assortment of fruit punches. Keep the side dishes light; opt for fresh green salad with shrimp or a rice dish, and be sure to add some nautical decorations, such as blue and white striped napkins for each guest.

Vegan and vegetarian

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and wish your friends would eat less meat? They may not realise how tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes can be, so have a vegan dinner party and show them! Opt for stuffed mushrooms or peppers for the main course, and serve a hearty potato soup for an appetiser with lots of meat-free side dishes. Choose a pressed carrot cake that isn't cooked with eggs or milk. Don't tell your dinner guests that all the courses are free of animal products until the dinner is over, and they may see how tasty it can be to go without meat in their everyday diet.

Kid foods

Many adults secretly love kid foods, so serve these at your next dinner party. Try macaroni and cheese with fresh gourmet cheeses or homemade pasta with homemade meatballs. Decorate your dining area with a fun theme such as a favourite superhero or movie character, and tell your guests they're going to enjoy their second childhood when at your home for a fun evening!

If you need help getting all the food organised for dinner parties, don't hesitate to contact professional caterers or party planners.

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When you're throwing a dinner party for friends or family, you might want to put some thought into choosing a theme, rather than just having a bland b