Restaurant Dates | 3 Assured Tips To Score Big On Your First Date at a Fine Dining Restaurant

You've finally managed to score that elusive date after months of trying? Congratulations! But your work is not done yet. If you're trying to impress the lady enough for a second date, you're going to have to put on your thinking cap to create a memorable first date. If you've decided to pull out all the stops to take her to a classy fine dining restaurant, your work is already half done. Since you want your first date to go as smoothly as it can, follow these tips to score big with your restaurant date plans.

Consider the Cuisine by Asking Your Date a Few Questions

Before you choose a restaurant, be sure to ask your date a few questions and plan accordingly. You don't have to know your date's favourite cuisine, but try to find out what kind of levels of spice she can handle. If your date likes food packed with flavour, then you could probably consider something more exotic like a Mexican or Indian fine dining restaurant. If your date likes contemporary Italian and French cuisines, then look for gastronomic delights that serve up these fancy food fares. The more you ask your date about her likes, the more she will feel like you're making a genuine effort and the more likely you'll be to score the next date with her.

Make a Reservation at an Intimate Spot  

If you're chosen a good restaurant, then you can expect it to be a popular haunt for several other people. To make the best first impression on your date, you don't want to keep her waiting on the streets to be seated inside, so be sure to make a reservation with the restaurant well in advance. Since this is the first time you both are spending any time together, ask the restaurant manager for their most intimate table with a delicate romantic setting. Confirm your reservation just before you pick up your date to ensure that everything is on the right track.

Check in Advance Whether the Restaurant Has a Dress Code

Check in advance if the restaurant has a specific dress code because some fine dining places do have one. You'll want to make a good first impression on your date, so throw your jeans and raggedy t-shirt to the back of the closet and put on a snazzy pair of trousers with a well-ironed shirt and neat blazer. If the restaurant has a particular dress code, be sure to inform your date in advance, so she doesn't turn up in something unsuitable and is made to feel uncomfortable. This level of preparation will ensure that your date is as enjoyable as possible.

When planning your first date at a fine dining restaurant, take the time to consider these tips to turn a first date into many more.  

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