Unique Accommodations for Your Next Vacation or Holiday

When planning a vacation or holiday, why rely on the same hotel or motel you stay in every year? Your accommodations should be as unique as the holiday itself and should help you to relax and enjoy your time away. You might also be hesitant to travel if you're on a very strict budget and don't know of the affordable options you have available. If you haven't given much thought as to the place where you want to stay during your next trip, note a few unique choices you might consider.

1. Youth hostels

A youth hostel is like a dormitory; usually a room is shared by two or more persons, with some even having several bunk beds. There is a shared lavatory with showers such as you would see at a gym or spa. A youth hostel is usually very affordable and a perfect choice for those who don't have much money to spend on accommodations and who may not be spending much time in their room anyway.

2. Rental recreational vehicles

In some vacation areas you may be able to rent a recreational vehicle that is kept at an RV park. These are not typically meant to be driven, but are located at a park that caters to campers, with a pool, playground for the children, and planned activities. The RV itself may accommodate an entire family so it can be a good choice for families on a budget, who want to enjoy an experience similar to camping but with an actual roof over their heads rather than sleeping in a tent.

3. Rental apartments

A rental apartment or even a home is a good choice for families or groups who want some extra space, or you might find a studio apartment without a bedroom that offers just enough room for one person. Usually these are self-contained apartments meaning they have everything you need for your vacation, including linens on the bed, a kitchen area with pots and pans and dishes, and in some cases, even a laundry room inside the apartment. Some might even have a coffee service, meaning they provide coffee and tea for your use.

When choosing a rental apartment, be sure you note the amenities it may include as these will vary from one renter to another. They're a great way to feel at home when you're on the road and can be a more comfortable option than an impersonal and sparse hotel room.

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