Tips on How to Throw a Great Bollywood Party

Bollywood movies are filled to the brim with colour, movement and life. If you are a fan of these kinds of movies, here is how to throw a great Bollywood based party.

Choose your movies

Bollywood movies tend to fit firmly into one genre or another, so if you have lots of romance fans, you can go for a selection of romantic films or action fans can get into the mood with some fast paced cops and robbers action. Consider your audience wisely when making your selections!

Many of the films also release soundtracks that include both the film soundtracks, and remixed version of some of the most popular songs, which can be a cool party background music.

Dance challenge

One of the traditional highlights of a Bollywood movie is the group dance scenes. Why not plan a dance scene for your party, where on a queue you get certain friends to face off each other in a dance off scenario? You can choose by cheering the best dance moves, and select a winner to get a bright and shiny trophy or statue.

Eat up

Get your local Indian restaurant to cater the party with a range of Indian dishes, from mild butter chicken to the spicy beef vindaloo. While you can make Indian food at home, restaurants often have a tandoor and can make much more tender, tasty and delicious food than you can usually make at home. You can simply order Indian takeaway to feed the whole crowd. Have snacks of pappadums and Indian sweets for people to snack on through the night. 


Bollywood is all about colour and brightness. Drape bright velvets, satin or sequin throws on your furniture and check second-hand stores for bright and fun room accessories. Have a sheet set up in one corner so that you can take photos of people in their Bollywood costumes. Why not photo edit your guest into exotic Bollywood locations backgrounds, after the party as a fun reminder of the party?

For those who don't come in costume have a collection of colourful scarves, fake moustaches and costume jewellery to perk up any outfit.

A Bollywood party is a great way to take some of the colour and spice of India and inject it into your home. It's a great way to celebrate a number of occasions, or just to get together for a fun evening with friends.

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